Welcome to Krabbesholm Højskole

Krabbesholm is for everyone. Especially for you who long to explore the world and think about the future.

A semester at Krabbesholm is a tour de force through experiments, lectures, discussions, workshops, exhibitions, parties, excursions, concerts, conversations, swimming trips in the fjord, walks in the forest, delicious food and much, much more.

Going to Krabbesholm does not require any special prerequisites. Here you can explore, develop and strengthen your skills within art, architecture, design and visual communication. You can practice together, strengthen your self-esteem and learn to look at the world with even more open eyes.

At Krabbesholm, we are interested in the history that has not yet been written. We look for currents that point towards new forms of life and relate to today’s problems, sustainability, democracy, gender and sexuality.

We present you with traditional craftsmanship as well as new, digital techniques. Our workshops and fantastic, architect-designed drawing rooms are open for you around the clock. Here you will experience a warm, social and supportive community outside the normal teaching hours. Krabbesholm is also a way of being together that is creative, innovative and supportive.

You fit here, regardless of whether you want to study one of the subjects we offer or just get smarter and experience a unique community. You will also, among other things on the study tour, be introduced to different fields of study and international alternatives to the Danish programmes. All in all, we strive to ensure that you are empowered to achieve your goals when you leave here – and that you are empowered to be in the world.

Krabbesholm is avant-garde, freedom and punk. Rebellion, passion and commitment. We believe that only the imagination sets limits and that the release of your creative potential is a gift for life.

We are a school on the way to a new future – and we want you to join us.

You are more than welcome to call 9752 0227 or write to post@krabbesholm.dk and make an appointment for a tour so you can see the school for yourself. A tour is also an opportunity to have a concrete conversation with a teacher on one or more of the main subjects. Or with one of the students who already attend the school.

You can find out more about how to be admitted here.

Main building

Project from the design department

MOS houses

Project from the architecture department

Excursion to Fur

Metal casting project

Project from the art department