Krabbesholm Folk Highschool is based on Grundtvig’s ideas about enlightenment through life. This entails both a historical-poetic dimension and a contemporary perspective on knowledge. The historical-poetic dimension is rooted in a narrative about the history of the people in the most literal sense.

A modern understanding of this foundation must encompass all the diverse forms of expression available in a modern society. Krabbesholm has chosen to focus its efforts on art, architecture, design, and graphic design as main subjects. Emphasis is placed on inspiring students to create their own works within these fields. The purpose is to open their eyes to the significance of aesthetics in human life. Through the subjective experiences during class and study circles within a committed community, an understanding of the structure and development of the surrounding society is achieved, considering the possibilities and limitations inherent in creative expressions. Within this dimension, there is also an obligation to create a framework for understanding the history, development, and role of aesthetics in society.

The concept of enlightenment through life remains the foundation but should now be seen in a much broader historical and societal perspective. Consequently, openness to the outside world is emphasized, not least through the participation of many non-Danish students and the school’s extensive international network of contacts within the fields of art, architecture, and design.

The educational consequences that students draw from this viewpoint are not the school’s responsibility to decide. However, the school’s task is also to point out the educational opportunities that lie ahead after a stay at Krabbesholm. In this regard, the school follows the path that Danish folk high schools have always followed: to qualify for further development, including further education for the benefit of society.

Plan for evaluating the purpose statement The board discusses the visibility of the purpose in the school’s practices at least once a year, following presentations from the school and the chairman.

View from the park towards the main building and the west wing

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