Contact and location

Krabbesholm is situated in the town Skive right next to the harbour. The park area of the school is connected to the Krabbesholm forest to the west, and on the east side of the school you will find the Limfjord and the marina.

The distance from the train station in Skive to Krabbesholm is approx. 3 km and the cab fare is approx DKK 90. There is train service between Skive and Aarhus every day and between Aarhus and Copenhagen every hour. Furthermore, there is flight service between Karup Airport and Copenhagen Airport. The distance between Skive and Karup is approx. 45 km.

Krabbesholm Højskole
Krabbesholm Allé 15
7800 Skive
(+45) 9752 0227