The fees for teaching, accommodation, and welfare at Krabbesholm Højskole is from the 1st of January 2023: DKK 2195 weekly for a double room and DKK 2395 weekly for a single room. The fees are regulated each January according to the price development in general.

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DKK 1.200 will be charged after admission. From this DKK 200 covers a registration fee, while the remaining DKK 1.000 covers the room and key deposit. The registration fee covers administrative expenses.


Fees for Danish students are collected monthly. The first amount is charged prior to the beginning of the semester, while the remaining amounts will be charged monthly in advance. Students from abroad and Danish students living abroad are required to pay for the entire stay in advance.


If you choose to withdraw prior to the semester, you will loose your deposit. If you choose to withdraw less than 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester, you will loose both deposit and your first amount. In total: DKK 6.950.


If you choose to withdraw during the semester on any other accounts than illness you will continue your payment four weeks forward from the day, you choose to leave. Furthermore, you will loose your deposit. If the school at the time of your withdrawal has paid for your participation in a study tour, you must cover these expenses.


An amount of DKK 250 is included in your fees. These DKK 250 cover shared material costs and more (e.g. study tours at the main courses, model workshop, basic materials, and film rent). Additional monthly expenses for teaching materials, books, smaller excursions, and more are to be expected. Depending on your main course these personal expenses will be approximately DKK 500-600 pr. month.


Study tours abroad are arranged in both the autumn and spring semester. Expenses for these trips are approx. DKK 5.000 + allowance. Remember to bring a valid passport.

The park area between the main building and the studios

Student eating outside courtyard

Students working in the design department

Students working in the workshop