How to apply

General information

Krabbesholm is part of the Danish “højskole” tradition, occupying a special niche between high school and university. The tradition dates back more than 150 years and from its inception has represented an alternative form of education. Open to all, “højskole”s feature no exams, grades, fixed curricula, admission requirements, or similar forms of State control. School periods vary from five to ten months.

In order for you to benefit fully from the courses at Krabbesholm, it is important that you are able to understand, talk and write Danish.

However, we have also had positive experience with English-speaking students at Krabbesholm and you are as an English-speaking student welcome to apply for a course at Krabbesholm. Sometimes it will be translated into English what has been said during class but do not expect that everything will be translated. It is your own responsibility to engage yourself in activities at the school – both during classes and in your spare time. If possible, Krabbesholm offers English-speaking students a minor Danish language course.

Krabbesholm receives financial support from the Danish state, reducing the students’ fee.

School periods:

Autumn 2024, 1st August – 18th December (20 weeks)

Spring 2025, 8th January – 24th June (24 uger)

Efterår 2025, 1st August – 18th December (20 uger)