Architecture is a continuous reflection on new ways of life. Architecture is a continuous dream of new ways of life. The purpose of the architecture course at Krabbesholm Højskole is to clear the way for independent ideas and production through a critical approach towards the architecture, that surrounds us. 

We make use of the many different working processes, which exist within the profession as starting point for architectural experiments. As a student you will acquire conformational and constructional skills, which will form a basis for understanding the vocabulary of architecture. We work with connections between form, function, composition, and material. We work with daylight, colours, texture, and construction.

Throughout the course students will be exposed to theories, which extends and qualifies the discussion of the interface between architecture and the society and the human being.

A great part of the teaching is based on drafting table instruction. This means, that the teacher is seated along with the students at the workstation and goes through drafts, charts, models, etc, and thereby supports the individual development of each student throughout the course. The assignments are usually solved in groups, as this provides the students with a technical and professional vocabulary and teaches them how to discuss architecture.