Architecture is a continuous dream of new ways of living. At Krabbesholm, you learn to translate thoughts into space, to draw and to create with your hands. Through model experiments with plaster casts, woodwork, ceramics, drawing, texts and textiles, you are introduced to an abstract space-creating process which quickly comes to feel natural.

Architecture is personal immersion and a manifestation of community. A large part of the teaching is based on individual conversation. This means that your teacher regularly visits you at the work table and talks to you about your process. You will experience that you are met in your uncertainty and that the community forms a safe framework for your individual expression.

Architecture is also general education. At Krabbesholm, spatial experiments are contextualised with sustainability, art history and the contemporary culture. This opens up the subject to other fields of study and gives you a solid, general foundation for higher education.

Architecture is for everyone. Whether you dream of a future in the profession or whether you want to experience yourself through creating.

The school is for lifelong learning. If you have already studied architecture for a period, then Krabbesholm can be a place where you delve into some of the themes you are most passionate about.

In the course of the semester, you will acquire a common, process-oriented collage of skills, knowledge and new ideas. Your thoughts will mix with those of others and be anchored in the present. We want to challenge, open up and qualify your view of the future both professionally and personally.

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