Spring 2023


At Architecture, we are concerned with the genesis, possibilities and physical effects of materials. We explore that best when we have materials in hands.

In this assignment, the students has built a pavilion in the school’s park, in wood from Dinesen – a company that for the fifth generation works with wood and makes an effort to investigate how all the wood can be used meaningfully. We started the project with a trip to Jels, where Dinesen has its production. Here we were given a tour by Hans Peter Dinesen, who gave us an in-depth understanding of the wood’s journey from the Black Forest through the various steps in production.

The following week, the students then had the material in their hands and build a pavilion in Douglas planks from Dinesen’s residual product. The pavilion is called Narnia and consists of four large cabinets that hide an internal passage that connects them. The students have researched and developed the different facade principles in groups. All wood is generously sponsored by Dinesen.

Thanks to Felix Badman and Hans Peter Dinesen for a good collaboration, a good day trip to Jels and a good week.