Design is to imagine that the physical world can appear in other ways than the one we know.

It is a fundamental premise of the design program at Krabbesholm. Working sustainably is another. Actually making things – concretely, physically, actively is a third.

Design is about how we dress, how we live, which objects we surround ourselves with, and how our behavior is determined by these factors. Through approaching the world in a factual, sensory and emotional way, we can give ourselves and our surroundings new opportunities to unfold ourselves and create new ways of understanding the world.

Design is also something we do for others. We must be able to sense and read other people’s dreams and needs as well as our own.

At Krabbesholm the Design Program is a place where we investigate, imagine and make the world as we dream it. We present, discuss and interpret these dreams. The intention for the individual student is to discover ‘who I am and how can I contribute’. We believe that we become more aware and more open to different paths if we work across disciplines. We learn as you do it, and we introduce many different working methods and processes.

We work with sensuality, with the possibilities of materials, with well-known and with new manufacturing processes and test how far we can go and how we get there. We spend many hours making experiments with the materials in the workshops, some fail and most succeed. Either is valuable. We delve into the history of culture, technology and materials to understand why we do what we do and to be inspired to initiate responses to the world around us and it’s problems. Sustainability is fundamental to the way we teach design. This approach underlies everything we do. We are very aware that our subject areas are and have been highly problematic in a sustainability context, and that discussion is a very active and important part of the teaching. We want to work towards a good, exciting, stimulating, energetic and sensual life and the sustainable approach contributes with surprising, challenging and different perspectives.

Presentations of the students’ work are an essential part of the design program. How these are communicated, described, photographed, illustrated and presented is part of every assignment.

The program’s ambition is to equip the individual student to work poetically, sensually, sustainably and responsibly in an aesthetic field and to expand and nuance ways in which this can enrich the individual, the community and society. This is best done through concrete and practical work. And this work is best done in a community with others.