Design is a tool for a better future. At Krabbesholm, you will present, discuss and deal with your own and other people’s dreams. We want you to see yourself in your dream and ask: “How can I contribute?”

The foundation for the design education at Krabbesholm Højskole is the belief that design can contribute to change. The sustainable perspective is concrete, physical and actively present. The sustainable approach is a matter of course in EVERYTHING we do. You will actively participate in a joint discussion about design and sustainability every day.

As a designer, we get very close to people in their surroundings with everything that entails. Our common drive is that the designer’s work with actual objects, senses and emotions can show you and others new ways of understanding the world.

You learn by doing – in a multitude of work processes and methods that are widely applicable and cut across genres and crafts. You will spend many hours in dialogue with the materials in the workshops, where much will succeed and something will go wrong. Experimenting and sometimes failing is hugely important for the development of your craft skills.

You become part of a community where the work takes place in the aesthetic field nourished by the sensual, the poetic and the sustainable responsibility. The idea is to expand and nuance this field with an eye on the community and society. You will be supported in settling in to your own creative process.

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