Spring 2015

Point and Line to Gallery:
Kandinsky’s assignments at Krabbesholm Højskole

Four Boxes at Krabbesholm Højskole welcomes ‘Point and Line to Gallery – Kandinsky’s assignments at Krabbesholm Højskole’. The exhibition is the result of a one-week workshop organized by Nina Paim and Corinne Gisel with students from the department of Graphic Design. Based on assignments presented by Wassily Kandinsky at his course in design at Bauhaus, the students have been invited to follow, explore and challenge the teachings and theories of the Russian artist.

Bauhaus is considered to be one of the most significant and influential cultural initiatives of the 20th century. The school, founded in the Weimar republic in 1919, made a decisive contribution to the foundation of what we today characterize as design and the way in which the subject is taught around the world. The exhibition‘s title refers to Kandinsky’s book 'Point and Line to Plane’, in which the artist formulated the grammar of fundamental elements in visual expressions. Kandinsky introduced his students to a rational and analytical study of the design’s basic components. “I demand from my students that they think very accurately that they perform completely cerebral tasks with great accuracy [and that we] discuss the work they deliver in completely theoretical terms.”

Based on the fact that Kandinsky was also the head of the mural painting department at Bauhaus, the students at Krabbesholm High School have been asked to answer the assignment by painting directly on the walls of the exhibition space Four Boxes. By combining the proces of answering the assignment and the presentation in the exhibition room, the workshop introduces not only the basic elements of the visual language, but also the challenge represented by large-scale production. Thus, in a collective engagement, the students create a joint work that merges with the gallery’s architecture and invites the exhibition’s audience to spatially experience the basic elements of design.