Fall 2022

Tove Svane Kappel / Malte Wilken:
I was here / Stimulated

With the exhibition title ‘I was there’, Tove Svane Kappel refers to the fact that the works show places she has been – mentally, physically, or both. She is often preoccupied with mistakes, accidents and the random, which seems visually interesting. With the help of the camera, she registers her surroundings and uses the following images when she draws with ink on paper.

Tove Svane Kappel majors in visual communication, and the exhibition consists of both works made at Krabbesholm Højskole, which make up the colored drawings and the upright forest drawing, and earlier works, which are the black and white drawings. In addition, she has made stickers with motifs from Krabbesholm and the inscription E22, which the high school’s students can take with them and stick up wherever they go, to show: we were here.

In addition to Tove Svane Kappel, Malte Wilken, who is an art assistant, exhibits three video works entitled ‘Together 4 hours’ and a performance. He states about his works:

“We live in a world where enough is not enough. We are bombarded with impressions on a daily basis and we have reached a point where we have to put our foot down. Otherwise, it will eat us up.”