Visual Communication

Visual Communication challenges your visual language. By communicating, we believe that you will be able to dream qualifiedly about a new shared future perspective. Your visual narrative can become a catalyst for understanding, community and sustainable change.

The working community strengthens the individual’s contribution and establishes an invaluable network. You learn to develop ideas and projects that drive the world forward.

We teach you to work creatively and conceptually with your ideas in a studio-based community, where you are at the center of the development and learning. You will be taught how to use the community to acquire skills and develop your personal design practice. You learn to express yourself visually. By breaking with standard conceptions of design and communication. By analysing, researching and experimenting.

We experiment with dynamic design, video, 3d and ideas that are part of the technological narrative of the world that we want to be co-creators of. We work with classic graphic design and create books, magazines and posters that develop your skills in working with composition, shape and colour. We do riso printing, serigraphy, print in large formats, or even develop analogue film in the darkroom.

Visual Communication at Krabbesholm can range widely between the commercial and technological to craftsmanship and the personal, poetic and artistic expression.

There is room for everyone, regardless of previous skills and prerequisites. You will be able to borrow a laptop while you are here, as well as have access to the Adobe suite during your stay. As standard, we work with Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, supplemented with a 3d program.

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