Visual Communication

Fall 2021

Glossy Krabbesholm

Glossy Krabbesholm Specimen

How do we read, see, perceive and understand the visual world that surrounds us? How do we learn and relearn through breaking down and mimicking otherwise familiar shapes?

During one September week, the Graphic Design course of Krabbesholm was transformed into a turbo-typographical-kitchen, in which the alphabet was deconstructed and rebuilt through a set of essential ingredients. This attention begged for the question: how can we challenge our existing knowledge of the alphabet through form and language, and how do we call, classify or name a font?
As a result, a collectively produced typeface, Glossy Krabbesholm, was designed as a new “cut” of the typeface, Glossy Magazine, by Bold Decisions. Following this, a publication with type specimens of each letter was designed, riso-printed, bound and displayed in the department.

The workshop, Glossy Krabbesholm, was conducted by the design studio and platform, fanfare, and led by Freja Kir, Miquel Hervás Gómez and Bram van den Berg. The workshop introduces typefaces by Danish-based designers to the new identity of Copenhagen based art hall, Overgaden. Glossy Krabbesholm will be included in a publication in the coming year.

The workshop was conducted between 14 – 17 September 2021 by fanfare

fanfare is a platform and design studio for cross-disciplinary collaboration and visual communication. Through an active programme, fanfare generates, explores, and curates environments for visual interactions.