Fall 2018

SkriveCup 2018

For three days, high school students from all over Denmark gathered at Krabbesholm Højskole for an intense workshop. All of the students had been chosen as finalists for the nationwide creative writing competition SkriveCup 2018 and had therefor won a stay at Krabbesholm. Here they worked with their texts and in just a few days they gave the texts new form either as posters or as films.

The idea was to gain a better understanding of how literature can be communicated and what form it can take. During the process the students where trained in strengthening their view on how different media overlap each other, how a metaphor in a text can become a moving image, how the different elements of a text can be be integrated in a series of posters, among other things.

On the last day of the workshop the films and posters where exhibited and shown to the students and teachers at the school.

The attendees were:

Frida Maria Agger Holdensen, Lukas Frederik Krag og Emilie Skovdal Kejser from Roskilde Gymnasium.

Sebastian Moeskjær Føns og Mathias Bendtsen Frøjk from Favrskov Gymnasium.

Amalie Bergholdt, Johannes Døssing, Kristoffer Kastrup, Lucas Salling og Rosa Bundsgaard from Mulernes Legatskole.

Anton Bitsch Mogensen, Simon Ehrenreich Frost, Emma Hove og Phillip Poulsen from Egaa Gymnasium.

Anne Frost from Sønderborg Statsskole.

Christian Kos from VUC Syd.