Spring 2018

Berliner Roundtrip

This semesters study trip went to Berlin, where we lived in NeuKölln. The first day we meet with Ida Bencke, who together with Dea Antonsen have established The Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology that won the Schadeprice last year. Among other things we talked about ecofeminism. The next day we visited the magazine Vagant, the largest magazine for literature in the north. Kirstin Vego introduced and talked about working for a magazine and living in Berlin. Wednesday we visited the poet Cia Rinne who talked about her books and made som exercises. Thursday we visited the japanese avantgarde sound poet Tomomi Adachi, who made a workshop the hole day for the students. We also visited the art institution Hamburger Bahnhof and the historical teater Volkbühne where we saw a new play by Susanne Kenndy. Friday we went on a gallery tour with curator Lotte Møller. We also had an interesting talk with the danish artist Peter Voss Knude, about his work with the danish military, with whom he has written pop songs. At night we went out dining together. All in all a great trip with lots of new impressions.

The Japanese avantgarde poet and sound artist Tomomi Adachi performs a laughing poem.

Here you can get an idea of the scenography in the play “Women in trouble” by Susanne Kennedy. A play where the scene constantly changes and turns around like a carousel and changes the scenes.