Fall 2018

Readings at Jolene

In the dimly lit bar Jolene in the Meatpacking District of Copenhagen, literature students from the last couple of semesters gathered to do a reading on friday, October 26.

Ten Krabbesholm students read their work to the many people who had shown up to listen.

We believe that a stay at Krabbesholm is much more – and lasts for a much longer time – than the 5 or 6 months the students live at the school in Skive. As a student, the stay at Krabbesholm continues in other forms and spreads into your future, social circles, friends, education, collaborations and your work.

One of the former students who read her work at Jolene were Cille Hvass Holm from the spring semester of 2018.

“As a former student of Krabbesholm – and particularly as a literature student – I think that events that aim to gather us after the end of the semester are immensely important. What we were interested in and the work we did at Krabbesholm is not limited to that period of time, but will be life long factors in our lives,” she says.

“The Literature course at Krabbesholm is unique; small and intimate. Everybody become really close since we have spent hours scrutinizing each other’s texts for months. The relationships you develop with the other students are something very special – not just socially but also professionally – and it is important that they thrive even though we have all left Krabbesholm and taken different paths.

After her stay at Krabbesholm, Cille started her university studies where a lot of the time is dedicated to academic work.

“As a university student I have a lot of reading to do and limited time. Therefore, it is important to be able to return to the literature, the creativity and the writing, which were central parts of my everyday life at Krabbesholm Højskole,” she says.

The following students read at the event:

Laura Winther Schöler (video), Kasper Bartholin, Laura Fuglsang, Mathias Bjerre Jürgensen, Kirstine Arentoft Kristensen, Samuel Dyrborg, Cille Hvass Holm, Niels Løkkegaard Bjerre, Mathias Kamp, Nadia Al-Saadoun.