Fall 2019

Youth and self-actualisation

It has been a long time since poems conformed to rhyme and poetry in a classical sense. In 2019, poems can be full of slang, they can be funny, sexy, disgusting, young or street. Poems are a great way to portray youth culture. This is seen among writers such as Caspar Eric, Ingvold Lothe, Sofie Diemer and other young poets.

The students of Krabbesholm has toggled with this youth poet tradition as they have been writing a collections of poems about youth and self-staging . In this way, all the students were facing their lyrical abilities and got the chance to explore how different poems can be. And not least learned how much it is possible to write in just a week.

When the literary students had finished writing and editing their poems, they were assisted by students from graphic design so that the students could eventually have a real collection of poems printed on the school’s Riso printer. It all culminated in a release party where there were readings and champagne.