Fall 2019

Hometown texts

A well-known writing advice is “write what you know”. And that was also what the students of literature were asked to do – to write texts about the places they come from. With inspiration from texts by Thomas Korsgaard, Dan Turéll, Amalie Laulund Trudsø and many more, the literature team has written texts about the places they come from. Places and special hometowns are common topics in the art of writing, and there is a good reason for that as it is rare for others to know your hometown as well as you do yourself.

The hometown texts were the texts with which the students had their very first text reading. Text readings take place almost every week on the literature team, and for many it is exciting, but also a bit nerve wracking to show your text to others for the first time.

The text readings take place by the student reading his/her text and then discussing with the teacher what the text is about, what the text‘s strengths are, and not least how the text can get even better. It enhances the students’ ability to recognise good texts and make them aware of how to edit a text even better. For writing it’s not just about writing. It is at least as much about rewriting and editing.