Spring 2019

7 Iconic Artists

Based on the works of 7 iconic artists the art students have been working and reflecting on method and process. The students were given a catalogue with 7 iconic artists of the 20th century. Each student was to choose one of the artists and deliver an interpretation and recontextualization of their work. The 7 iconic artists use a variety of different methods and work processes and the purpose of the assignment was to encourage the students to delve into – and investigate – different approaches in order to reflect on their own. It was not important if the student departed from the intended meaning of the artwork, more important, though, was the process and the meaning generated by the student. The students were introduced to other works of the 7 artists: Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol, Richard Long, Richard Serra, Marina Abramovic, Jacob Kierkegaard and James Turrel. This brief was given by the guest teachers Noah and Rasmus – two former students at Krabbesholm – who both study architecture at Aarhus School of Architecture.