Spring 2023


As a society, we tend to put people, objects or works of art on pedestals that we consider to be valuable or significant. It can, for example, be celebrities, political leaders, athletes, scientists, religious figures and cultural icons. We also tend to place certain ideals or concepts on pedestals, such as success, beauty, intelligence and wealth. In this project, the students had to consider what they would like to see put on a pedestal and why. The week started with a presentation and then an introduction on how to build a skeleton for a plaster sculpture with different materials, after which they coated and shaped their sculpture with plaster. Afterwards, the students could choose to paint their sculpture so that it looked like e.g. bronze.

A pedestal is a base or platform that supports a statue, sculpture, art object, or other significant object. Pedestals can vary in size and design and students could either build or assemble objects that could form a pedestal. What can a pedestal be?