Spring 2022


Francis Patrick Brady has visited the Art Department for a workshop all about worldbuilding, worlding, world-making, from the bottom-up and top-down we can learn how to terraform reality but also how dangerous it can be to transform the world around us and how utopia can often become dystopia.

The students were introduced to some of the game and participation strategies that he uses to make art installations and performances that challenge the existing rules and structures in our everyday lives.

After a brief history of worldbuilding art practices within the arts: from Happenings to Relational Aesthetics, from fluxus to Hieronymus Bosch, from Dada to Ian Cheung, the students were invited to create their own world through exhibition making and thinking about the creation of objects and concepts that are interlinked and depend upon their own inner logic. Out of that, Blackadakkawacka has emerged.

Francis Patrick Brady is co-founder and curator at ‘Celsius Projects’ gallery in Malmö and has been an associate lecturer at Chelsea College of Art at University of London for the last 10 years. He regularly organises and runs workshops and performances at conferences and other educational institutions in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the UK.

He has recently exhibited and/or performed at Liveart / Friisland (DK), Copenhagen Contemporary, Gislaved Konsthall (SE) and Verkstad Konsthall (SE). He graduated from the MFA Critical & Pedagogical Studies at Konsthögskola Malmö in 2017 and has presented other projects at ALT-CPH (DK), SIGNAL (SE), Moderna Museet (SE), PLX (SE), SØ gallery (DK), Delfi (SE), TURF projects (UK), Turner Contemporary (UK) Vermilion Sands (DK) Roskilde Museet for Samtidskunst (DK).