Spring 2020

The curator’s cook book

The Curator’s Cookbook is an online exhibition made by students from the art department during the corona crisis, as part of our distance learning scheme. The exhibition is curated by Kristján Breki Björnsson and presents projects by Anna Sophia Soendergaard-Jensen, Chile Badse, Lin Mogensen, Maria Ammentorp, Stine Holm, Thea Weis Jacobsen.

The exhibition is based on the way our current circumstances influence the way we work; together and apart. As we are all leading separate lives, some at home and some at the school we are left with an issue when it comes to exhibiting our work. We wanted to showcase this seperation-issue and fix it. Each artist had to contribute with a piece and a recipe for the instalment of the piece to the exhibition. Then it was up to the curator to install, place and do the final touches on the piece. This creates an atypical situation where the artist has to pass on the work and let someone else have control of the results.