Spring 2020

Rolling Silently in Space

“Rolling silently in Space” is a 45 minute long video-loop produced over the course of one week in April 2020. At the time, due to the critical condition of the Corona crisis, the 13 artists were separated at different locations as measures of isolation. It was then that they used the surrealist technique of “Cadavre exquis” to make this conceptual piece of film. Cadavre exquis (exquisite corpse) is a collaborative drawing or writing approach invented by André Breton. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence, either by following a rule or by being allowed to see only the end of what the previous person contributed. In the tradition of the game it was decided that all videos would be linked in beginning and end to their neighbouring clips. A further maxim was that all videos should have a transition to the next, whether by means of camera technique, visuality or context. Each collaborator would shoot a video which was a finished piece in itself. The order of videos was coincidently predefined. “Rolling silently in space” transports you to multiple scenes where one encounter intermediate depictions of rituals and routines often spiked with a spoon of absurdity. The absence of people and the narrowed environment owed to the circumstances is striking. As sudden as you are brought into a scene as promptly you are pulled away. The occupations performed in the videos seem to be ongoing. It is the viewer, the visitor who only gets to glimpse. For the Worldpremiere the film was streamed for a period of four hours on and noticed with great public response. It is a time document opening for a new visual language.

“Rolling silently in Space” (45min, video loop, 2020) by Michael Jackson Ella Aandal Anna-Sophia Søndergaard-Jensen Rosa Schnoor Ebbesen Chili Faktura Badse Lin Strandgaard Mogensen Maya Bøgh-Andersen Maria Ammentorp Stine Teodora Holm Iben April Hegreberg Ella Solberg Mads Birkely Antkowaik Alexander Sannes Thorsen Kristjan Breki Björnsson