Fall 2022


At the Art Department, we have had a visit from the visual artists Valdemar Bisgaard and Anne Holm, who are both students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

The students were given the task of preparing an installation consisting of more than one object. They were taught how to make silicone molds so they could make casts and things for their installation. They had to consider what significance the material, the object and the installation have on the viewer/audience. In addition, the students had to give the work a title and write a work description and material list for the work.

The object is an object, a physical thing – material. The object is in relation to the world around it. An orange Fiskars scissors is a pair of scissors that can cut. It is also industrial design and a world-renowned brand that points to lifestyle, quality and gardening. Objects tell stories based on form and context. The meaning of the object varies according to what it is installed in, with and around. Objects can be interpreted and reproduced. Objects can be found objects, a cast, a readymade, video on a screen, a painting and text or photo on paper. Objects never end.