Fall 2018


PROTEST! is an exhibition that shows 33 young design students’ view on the world and the challenges that will shape their future. The students have worked with a variety of issues: Climate change, narcissism and consumerism to name a few.

In stead of focusing on designers‘ ability to create functional and aesthetically appealing products and then sell them for profit, this exhibition focuses on the designers’ ability to deal with societal issues and thereby challenge the status quo.

Hanna Juul-Andersen works with the passport as a concept.

“I have roots in different places in the world and in my family we have often experienced to be held back in passport controls because we do not appear very “Danish”. That is why I am creating a passport without nationality in order to make us reflect on the concepts of nations, humans and the different ways they are treated,” she says.

The students’ projects are all created from a personal feeling or opinion that change needs to happen. That is why they are using the tool box of the design field to investigate, provoke and raise questions. Among the objects of the exhibition there are a surveillance selfie stick, a T-shirt with crocheted nipples, a DYI genital mutilation kit, a blossoming door mat. To view all the pieces of the PROTEST! exhibition, browse through the images above the text.