Fall 2018

That’s Not Your Line

THAT’S NOT YOUR LINE is a multidisciplinary project involving students from Graphic Design, Art, Architecture and Design. The culmination of the project is a fashion performance that will take place on Thursday October 25th in Copenhagen. Everyone is welcome. SEE MORE about the project here


What happens when interpretations are heaped upon one another?

A painting is torn from its frame, restitched together, turned into a painting again, then turned into fabric, the fabric becomes a script, the script is turned into shapes, the shapes are made into clothes made out of the fabric, the clothes are acted from the script, the act is placed in an environment inspired by the fabric.

THAT’S NOT YOUR LINE is a fashion performance made by the students of Krabbesholm Højskole. It explores how layers of interpretations create shifts in the perception of what is real.

Thursday October 25th at 9 PM, Kridttårnet, Carlsbergbyen. Entrance, bar and music: Henrik Vibskov Studio, Bryggernes Plads 19, 1799 København V.