Spring 2019

Anupama Kundoo

In relation to a sketching project for a new guesthouse at Krabbesholm, the architect Anupama Kundoo has visited the school. In her projects Anupama Kundoo seeks to unite people, society and the surroundings in which her buildings are to be built. Early on in her career the Indian architect developed a substantial interest to explore the use of site-specific material in architecture – a focus, that grapples with the social and economical challenges, she has been exposed to throughout her upbringing in Bombay. With a visit and lecture at Krabbesholm, Anupama Kundoo has given us a unique opportunity to reach new horizons of understanding as she shares her experiences.

Anupama Kundoo is internationally recognised for her award-winning architecture. She has established herself with great experience and an extensive knowledge through practice-oriented research, in which her design approach is to use waste material, unskilled labour with specific attention towards the work culture of the local community. Thus, aesthetics, functionality, sustainability and availability merge together in Anupama Kundoo’s work. She has set up to redefine the way we use materials to create spaces and has established a breeding ground for knowledge, which can help change the world.

The Japanese DOT-Architects will also participate in the sketching project. which will run till 30th of April 2019.