Fall 2017

Wood Construction Fire

This week we worked with space and construction. We used wooden lath to create a pavilion on the school grounds. The assignment consisted of the following 3 phases.

• The first phase was to create an individual model in 1:10. • The second phase was a combined model in groups of 5 in 1:10 and isometric drawings. • The third phase was the construction of a 1: 1 structure and display of the process.

1st Phase We all started the week, by individually preparing a model in 1:10 from balm tree. Only one assembly detail could be used between the wooden laths, thus the tectonic language could not vary too much from model to model. The pupils examined the variables that were possible to make based on the assembly detail. Through their organization of the laths, they tried to express one or more of the following concepts. Density, Resolution, Seriality, Rhythm, Horizontality, Verticality, Weight, Lightness We also considered that the models could be experienced differently from various observation distances. When close to the model we experienced space, when far from the model we experienced sculpture.

2nd Phase After the first phase, we continued working in groups of 4-5 people. The existing models should now be merged into one common model still in scale 1:10. In addition, we produced 2 isometric drawings of the model, as well as 1 exploded isometric drawing of a selected detail in 1: 2.

3rd Phase In the final phase, we build our models in 1: 1, and experienced the challenges that occur with the change of scale. At the same time, we also experienced our design and generated spaces close up. Eventually, we used fire as a surface treatment for the wood, a well-known Japanese technique that gives a fantastic surface and texture.

The project was realised in collaboration with the guest teachers Leonora Krag, Astrid Dahl Singers og Anders Bojesen.