Fall 2021

Room for a piece

In this assignment, given by guest teacher architect Kirsten Kragelund, the students worked with exhibition architecture – that is, a room in which a given work of art is to be exhibited.

Modern exhibition spaces are often white cubes that try to minimize the physical presence of the space, in order to enable changing exhibitions, give the art its own space and thus let them speak for themselves. On the other hand, in working with a space for a permanent work of art, you have the opportunity to work actively with the architecture, so that the space contributes to staging and emphasizing the character of the piece of art.

The students were each assigned a well-known work of art and had to build a space in model scale 1:20 that either extended the experience of the work, stood in contrast to the work, created a hierarchy between space and work or dissolved the boundary. The final result was a photo that highlights the uniqueness of the exhibition architecture created.