A stay at Krabbesholm is an examination of the world through analysis and discussion, and through taking a stance. And an activist interference with the world in the shape of a painting, a house, a chair, a book, a typography. Something new and unseen. Something that did not exist, until you created it.

This way you will remain offensive towards the world. And you will learn, that you are capable of so much more, than you thought.

Some students come here, because they wish to develop themselves on a personal level through a creative working process, which is valuable in many other educational contexts. Other students make use of their stay as a stepping-stone to art academies, design or architecture schools, writing schools, universities, or other national or international educations. Portfolios and entrance examinations are part of both the spring- and autumn semester. Autumn semester students are offered free satellite courses in March and April, where students participate in classes focussing on entrance examinations.

A stay a Krabbesholm requires no specific qualifications.
Everyone is welcome.

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