Spring 2019

Object Makers:
Salone del Mobile 2019

Every semester Krabbesholm Højskole hosts 115 students working within five subject areas: art, architecture, design, graphic design and literature. As an art school it allows us to investigate and work inter-disciplinarily in a completely unique way. Thus, OBJECT MAKERS is an exploration of what happens to the objects when the boundaries between these subject areas are completely erased and replaced by a common work process and a profane common material: 10 mm Twin-Wall polycarbonate.

We will bring this community and its unique study of the creation of objects to the Milan exhibition. The framework statement and the exhibition’s catalogue will be highlighted by the diversity of objects that arose during the project. Further the exhibition will contain 11 selected, processed and elaborated examples of objects that have been created during the process. Development of visual identity and exhibition architecture is done in collaboration with the college students.