Spring 2014

Lars Lundehave Hansen:
Eternal Storm

In the exhibition ‘Eternal Storm’, Lars Lundehave Hansen presents 3 brand new works, each of which demonstrates a possible strategy in the field of sound art.

In the exhibition’s first work, also titled Eternal Storm, the audience is reminded of natures destructive forces. As in slow motion, a storm-damaged greenhouse rotates under the ceiling while the actual wind conditions outdoors provide the soundside indoors. Contrary to the violent forces that were at stake during the autumn storm Bodil, this is a strange hypnotic, almost inward experience. Rather than seeing the hurricane from the outside, it is perceived from within its quietest center. The work’s use of sound is the transformation from real to surreal through a real-time displacement processes; It is the sound of the present, changed.

The second piece, Tabula Rasa, deals with the inner storm and appears more like a classic piece of installation art. A mighty cross is dangerously close to crashing to the ground and just kept up just by a massive anchoring in a pile of tires. The cross is assembled from large speakers and despite the heavy elements appear nevertheless light, almost flimsy in its expression. From the speakers, an irreversible composition flows and the work is staging the sound; a manifestation of the thoughts awakened during the listening.

The exhibition‘s third work, Distant Sea Scape, uses the magnificent view from the top repos in Four Boxes Gallery, as a visual engine to create a space between the real and the experienced, what you see and what you hear. From small speakers mounted on something similar to pound net poles, the audience meets the screams of thousands of birds, which upon closer inspection can not possibly be outside the windows. The work draws clear references to the classic 'soundscape’ as defined by the composer and theorist Schafer, but in a re-contextualized form. It is the sound of something we recognize that creates a context we do not know.