Spring 2023

Unissued Diplomas

This worldwide exhibition is organised by Ukrainian students aiming to commemorate their friends and peers whose lives were taken away by russia since the full-scale invasion.

Our three students from Ukraine: Alisa Malysheva, Anya Khlobas and Sofia Kvitka took the initiative to include Krabbesholm in the number of schools and universities world wide choosing to print and hang up the exhibition with the following statement:

We would like to tell you about bravery. The bravery of your peers in Ukraine, who decided to fight for freedom and the future. 36 students. 36 stories. Each of them is special. Each of them is important. Each of them should be remembered.

“When we prepared this exhibition we felt mostly tired, although we realized the importance of the event from the beginning. Well, you know, print, arrange, agree, ask, hang, ask again. And then came February 24, people came inside, spent silently for a while and also silently went out. Some have found the strength to hug, thank, or express their feelings for which it was hard enough to find words. Only in the hall where no one dares to break the silence do you realize the power of the project to the end.” Alisa Malysheva, student at Krabbesholm

36 stories of Ukrainian students whose lives were stolen by Russian aggression. 36 unreleased diplomas and lost representatives of the bright mind of the country.

Unissued Diplomas at Krabbesholm Never graduated, eternally honored

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