Spring 2023

the lines between matter:
Allan Bech Hansen

the lines between matter is a continuous exploration and a necessary call for deceleration (reflection) in a world whose tempos have long surpassed familiar and recommended limits. Competition, production, and speed are combined endlessly and with little regard for the consequences for the planet’s existence.

Humanity thrives on and at the boundaries, which are continuously broken down in various and wondrous ways. Convinced that the right path is found through an eternal pursuit of growth, prestige, and status. Amidst immediate significant elements determined by the market (nowness+newness), the true essence of life may be found: the communities that bind us together but also contribute to creating ever-greater divides between classes, species, ideologies, and more

the lines between matter seeks to address certain aspects of the socially-oriented criticism articulated by figures such as Bruno Latour, Douglas Rushkoff, and the writer collective, the Invisible Committee. The exhibition can be seen as an unfolded and fragmented book: Opened pages, torn-out chapters, and drawings reflect in various ways, through their internal relationships, on current and partly neglected societal and contemporary challenges such as adaptability and class blindness.

Common denominators for the elements of the exhibition can be found, among other things, in the culture and consumer society dictated by capitalism’s competitive and trend-seeking machines.

The artworks consist of a series of speculative drawings (ranging from spatial axonometries to imaginative surrealism) along with counter-commentary texts that have served as both the starting point and concluding remarks for several of the drawings.

With his solo exhibition, the lines between matter, Allan Bech Hansen highlights a greater focus on his artistic work, which navigates the intersections of architecture, art, and writing. The exhibition also encompasses an additional dimension, as he has recently experienced two health challenges that have contributed to increased reflection and lifestyle changes.

Allan Bech Hansen (born 1983) holds a Master of Arts in Architecture from the Aarhus School of Architecture and was associated with the Jutland Art Academy during his postgraduate studies. Following his education, he has worked independently, exhibited both domestically and internationally, and received funding from institutions such as the Danish Arts Foundation.

Alongside his own practice, he is also involved in teaching architecture and drawing, which gained momentum after a residency in Barcelona that led to a guest lecturer invitation from the University of Massachusetts.