Fall 2016


Four Boxes, Krabbesholm Højskole’s gallery, has the pleasure to present the design biennale R E FORM. R E FORM is a juried exhibition, where young carpenters, designers and architects were invited to submit proposals for consideration by a panel consisting of Karen Grøn, director of TRAPHOLT; Mette Barfod, editor in Chief of RUM; Jonas Krüger, CEO of Brdr. Krüger. Out of about 60 proposals the jury selected 15 pieces, which, all together, present an excellent overview of new tendencies in the field of furniture design.

R E FORM has deliberately sought out furniture pieces that signal new directions. This include both form, function, materials, craft, and the relationship to the user. The exhibition is about creating a free space for makers working seriously with furniture. A playground for abstract arguments where experimentation is allowed, thus making sure that creativity and innovation is not impeded by being systematised too early. The goal is to create a platform which encourages participants to have confidence in alternatives to what is offered by the established design and furniture industries. An important point is that R E FORM was set up to challenge both the business and the makers themselves. By reflecting on and discussing design R E FORM believes that it is possible to create more relevant products and works for consumers and exhibition goers.

This year R E FORM is held for the second time and it is also the second time it is exhibited at Four Boxes. This years edition was exhibited at Kinfolk Gallery in Copenhagen earlier in the year. R E FORM was founded and organised by furniture designer Maria Bruun and furniture artist Rasmus B. Fex. Exhibitors: Margrethe Odgaard, Rasmus Fenhann, Johansen Faurschou, Kevin Hviid, Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen, Mathias Weber, Rasmus Warberg, GECKLER MICHELS, Camilla  Monsrud, Astrid Tolnov, Eddie Olin, CILLEVENGBERG, Anna Aagaard, Jakob Friis Ingemansson and Andreas&Andreas.

For more information visit www.re-form.dk