Spring 2016

Pettersen and Hein:
Vibrant Matter

Four Boxes at Krabbesholm Højskole is proud to present ‘Vibrant Matter’, s solo exhibition by Pettersen & Hein. The exhibition, which borrows its title from Jane Bennett‘s book ‘Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things’, comprises a series of new works created especially for Four Boxes’ large, bright spaces.

Pettersen & Hein’s practice is the result of a productive meeting of design and fine art, where the boundary and the traditional opposition between the two disciplines are effaced and challenged. Their work examines what happens when design is not just defined by its function and art is not just defined by its aesthetic significance: a piece of furniture takes on a purely sculptural presence, and a sculpture is allowed to function as a practical object.

In their new work Pettersen & Hein moves away from the formal language of Minimalism. Instead, simple and abstract elements are combined in more complex, almost figurative, entities. The individual elements are fabricated in hard materials, especially concrete and steel, which are shaped into soft, organic shapes. In the process, where the steel is polished and the concrete dyed with coloured pigments, the materials are transformed further and endowed with a strong sensuous quality.

In Pettersen & Heins work, where function follows form, the famous modernist dictum is turned upside down. Their practice represents an attempt at realising a creative and emancipatory potential outside of established and limiting categories. In that sense their work asks questions instead of just delivering predictable answers.

Lea Hein and Magnus Pettersen both work together and individually. As the duo Pettersen & Hein they have had several solo exhibitions, most recently at Etage Projects in Copenhagen. In May they will participate in a group show at the design gallery Patrick Parrish in New York. Lea has also exhibited at Stockholm Furniture Fair, and Magnus has exhibited at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, and Bruno Simoès in Sao Paulo, amongst other places. Lea Hein (*1981, Denmark) studied furniture design at HDK vid Steneby (School of Crafts and Design, Göteborg University). Magnus Pettersen (*1983, Norge) studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art. See more at pettersenhein.com