Fall 2014

Mette Hammer + Lorenzo Tebano:
Spinning Ball of Doom

Tools of trance can produce collective awakening as well as collective conditioning inhibiting perception and limiting opinion.

Throughout human history and across continents methods of trance have been used to awaken the subconscious and open up new perspectives on problems facing society. Techniques such as fixated thoughts, manipulation of the senses combined with repetition contribute to mild states of trance that we experience in daily life. This kind of trance that occurs while carrying out routines, during work or while traveling can instigate ideas and actions. As part of a process trance may produce a larger perspective when forming knowledge and new strategies.

Could the myth of god given talent stem from the ancient practices of shamanism and divination? Mystics and oracles received visions while in trance and conducted rituals whilst supposedly in contact with the spirits or gods. They were the ones who could change the consciousness of a person and have influence over policy-making in a society. The use of words, ceremonial objects, dance and music in pre modernity may be compared to the way that artists re-arrange symbols and images in order to change the consciousness of the public.

It is important to be able to choose our trances.