Fall 2023

Tronhjem Rømer / Frederik Gustav

In a new joint exhibition, the two design duos, Tronhjem Rømer and Frederik Gustav, unite their different areas of expertise as they create expansive structures consisting of wood and printed textiles. With equal parts openness and professional depth, the duos challenge the architectural possibilities within craftsmanship, combining materials, colors, and light to generate sensory and aesthetic experiences.

In this exhibition, Tronhjem Rømer and Frederik Gustav engage curiously with the spacious conditions. Their works harmoniously interact with the exhibition space, emphasizing the added value that emerges in a relational process.

Tronhjem Rømer focuses on textile printing and sensory elements such as colors and patterns, while Frederik Gustav adopts a more material-oriented approach to the craft. They all share a profound fascination with the craftsmanship itself and its processes, often allowing the material and technique to shape their projects. Rhythm, repetition, and the fascination with tensions and balance are also common themes in their work.