Fall 2022

Panuela Aasted and Leonora Krag:
Isola pro Forma

The Isola pro Forma project consists of a series of architectural models that examine the island as a constructed and malleable landscape.

Artificial islands are today included as a solution model for major common societal problems such as overpopulation and energy production. Through concrete model tests, the project explores the potential of the artificial island, as a phenomenon and typology, and asks how we choose to construct new land in the future.

In addition to working with the artificial island, the project also aims to develop the architectural model as a production method and communication tool.

The project is based on Fugleøen in Sortedamssøen in Copenhagen. As a place, Fugleøen functions as a theoretical site on which the project’s investigations are manifested and meet with recognition in scale and context. With its size, overgrowth and no real connection to land, it can be perceived as a typical understanding of an island, but with its location in the middle of the city and visible to the many bypassers, the island appears constructed and intentional.

The project is supported by the Statens Kunstfond.