Fall 2018

Radim Peško & Tomáš Celizna:
Krabbesholm Højskole Identity

“Graphic design can express something that does not exist. Graphic design leads its own independent existence in conscious opposition to the world.”

Following Tomáš Celizna & Radim Peško’s extensive work on developing Krabbesholm’s new visual identity, Krabbesholm Højskole has published “Krabbesholm Højskole’s Identity”

During the past three years the two graphic designers from Czech Republic have visited the school, held classes and been part of the daily life in order to capture the essence of the school and translate it into (typo-)graphical forms.

The at Graphic Design students have been an essential part of the process of designing fonts, typography and websites, and have made it possible to capture the ever-changing, complex – but at the same time very specific – atmosphere at Krabbesholm and translate it into graphical forms.