Visual Communication

Spring 2019

Working with Krabbesholm Højskole’s visuel identity

Recently we published the book K, in collaboration with Tomáš Celizna and Radim Peško. The pictures above are from the production of the book and the subsequent book launch. The book celebrates a long collaboration between the two designers and Krabbesholm resulting in a new website and the development of the type Krabbesholm, which now exists as regular, mono, bold, serif and serif italic. The book tells the story of the process behind these design projects and about how the students in graphic design have been an essential part of this work. Through their contributions, they have made it possible to capture and reflect on the school’s spirit, complexity, and changeability and thereby embed it in the project. This is related to the relevance of Krabbesholm’s own font, which makes it possible to work with the school’s visual identity within the educational project. Graphic design in this way becomes part of the school’s everyday life.

If you want to participate too you can download Krabbesholm here