Visual Communication

Spring 2021

Statement t-shirts

Graphic design has worked politically with typography and branding in a workshop with statement t-shirts. In one week, t-shirts were designed, printed and subsequently sold in a pop-up shop, where all the profits were donated to charity. Inspired by artists such as Kathrine Hamnett and Vivienne Westwood, students have continued the tradition of the t-shirt as a billboard for political messages. Each student had to choose a political cause they would fight for and subsequently formulate and style political statements that were screen printed on white t-shirts. After this, the students produced a campaign film, price tags, packshots and built a pop-up shop, where they held a performative vernissage and sold their t-shirts. The profits went to charities that the students had chosen in line with their political messages. Among other things, money was donated to organizations such as The Red Van, Together We Push, Everyday Sexism Project, Børnetelefonen and many more.