Visual Communication

Spring 2021

Free Britney Movement Campaign

Prior to the reopening of the country’s folk high schools, all courses at Krabbesholm where held online. The students had a new project every week during the lockdown.

During the corona lockdown, the documentary Framing Britney Spears was released. It focuses on the pop star, her upbringing in full publicity as a hypersexualized child star and the shame of growing up. It also deals with the incapacitation of Britney Spears, namely that today she is subject to a clause which means that her father must make all decisions on her behalf and that she herself is out of influence.

In one of the assignments during the Zoom teaching in graphic design, this documentary became part of the curriculum and the students were asked to campaign for or against the Free Britney Movement, a movement that wants to help Britney out of her father’s grip and into freedom. The campaign could be executed both analogously and digitally.