Visual Communication

Fall 2014

Krabbesholm Alphabet I

Is it possible to capture the complexity, spirit and ever-changing atmosphere of a site into (typo-)graphical shapes?

During the week-long workshop the participants were asked to identify and research themes related to the school and draw the Krabbesholm Alphabet.

Every typeface is an essence of diverse cultural layers embodied (or imprisoned?) in its shapes. This workshop attempted to do just that for the Krabbesholm Alphabet, although – given the compressed time-frame – in a kind of particle accelerator.

The researched themes cover personal observations, opinions or facts from the history of the school. The letter-shapes were drawn individually by hand, in given size and technique, and collected into one alphabet.

A dossier including the alphabet was produced at the end of the workshop. It will become a basis for development of the identity of the Krabbesholm Højskole.

Radim Peško & Tomáš Celizna
November 3–7, 2014