Art at Krabbesholm Højskole engages in every aspect of what occupies the mind. From examining beauty to political activism. Engaging in art provides you with the tools to exist in this world. Art unites and heals. Art communicates and interprets.

Through exercises, experiments and discussions, you learn to deal actively and independently with your ideas, and you get the opportunity to see your own work in the context of trends in contemporary art. The main element in the teaching is always your own work and the process you are in.

After having attended the art course, you will be broadly oriented in the exciting and unpredictable world that makes up contemporary art. You will be able to look at the entire artistic field with new eyes and be able to process what you see in a qualified way.

In art, we deal with all media, from the completely analog and dirty such as clay and paint to the digital and abstract such as software and film.

Aesthetics in art is not about the “pretty” and “skilled”, but about the challenging and boundary-crossing. Art is a central tool for defining us as individuals and as people. Simple questions like “who am I?”, “what is the world?” and “where and how do I meet the world?” is absolutely essential in art. Each person and each time period must find their own answers to how art can change the world.

In a similar way, you will experience on the art team that you sometimes have doubts about what exactly you are doing. Is it art, or is it design or perhaps poetry, that you are making? This indeterminacy is a huge quality of the art subject and means that you as a student have great opportunities to shape the content of the subject yourself.

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Fall 2021

Staging of objects

In Paris

The Room

Nature as motive