Fall 2023

Heart on the sleeve

A teaching program that culminated in a collective performance directed by Filip Vest at the Kulturmødet Mors 2023.

‘Heart on the Sleeve’ is a performance about the party as a place. It‘s about feeling all the emotions and feeling nothing at all while the bass pumps in your chest. The performance is structured like a party that suddenly takes a twist. The moment you end up sharing too much, thinking about your own mortality and the end of the world, or just heartaches. The project explores the ecstasy of the party but also the discomfort and loneliness that exist within the party’s space. 'Heart on the Sleeve’ is about the cool and the cringe, the awkwardness, the vulnerability, and the intimacy. It’s about being alternately apathetic and overly engaged with the world and the people around you. Having a slightly too serious conversation between sips of a drink. Crying on the dance floor. Being boring. Leaving the party. Wearing the wrong clothes. Waving to someone you didn’t even know…

As part of the teaching program, the students learned to develop different “scores” based on the themes of the performance, generating both textual and choreographic material. In the end, Filip Vest assembled all the material into a dramaturgy for the final performance, which was performed by the students at Four Boxes for the rest of the school and at Kulturmødet Mors.

The performance was created in collaboration with Art Hub Copenhagen and Kulturmødet Mors.