Spring 2018


When the architecture class visited Milan, it was six interesting days that each focused on a specific part of the city or the area. On the first day we took a walking tour in the Isola neighbourhood where we saw the Bosco Verticale, the Torre Arcobaleno and the Cimitero Monumentale. On the next day we visited Navigli with its boheme atmosphere and gigantic antique market. The day ended with a visit at the Armani Silos which is a museum for the design of Armani. The museum is transformed from a former gin distillery by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando. His sense of dramatic space and tactile surfaces gave us a unique architectural experience which complimented the beautiful haute couture design. On the following day we visited the Fondazione Prada where a fusion between old and new in combination with a variated use of materials gave a very rich and detail-oriented experience. After this, we went to the enormous Castello Sforzesco and finally, we all had dinner in a beautiful and authentic space in a historic basement. A restful day out of the city was exactly what we had when we visited the idyllic lake of Como right by the foot of the alpes. It gave a renewed thirst for more of Milans architecture, which we had when we went to see the Torre Valesco, a high rise building in the historic center of Milan which has created much debate. And finally, the highlight of the day was to walk on the terraces of Il Duomo where we could see the city’s roofs and the beautiful spires of the cathedral up close.