Spring 2024

Places & Spaces

Last week, students from the Architecture program delved into mapping Krabbesholm. This mapping endeavor served as a collective expression, weaving together each individual’s perception of the folk high school onto a singular canvas. Spanning three distinct scales and employing three diverse mediums, the project artfully portrayed the intricate dance between personal presence and communal belonging.

At the core of this endeavor lay a meticulous exploration of the school and its environs. Utilizing projected satellite imagery as a guide, students sketched the edifices and landscapes with charcoal and chalk. Drawing upon memory or anticipated spatial layouts, they rendered the buildings’ blueprints. Additionally, they charted their daily pathways, collaboratively identifying key thoroughfares and landmarks within the area.

Venturing further, the project ventured into the realm of personal connection. Each student unearthed a unique tie to a particular space or object within the school. Through embroidered sketches directly onto the expansive communal canvas, these cherished connections were immortalized, adding layers of depth and intimacy to the collective portrayal.

Finally, attention turned to the minutiae of the surroundings. Armed with cameras, students captured intricate details, from architectural nuances to subtle interplays between objects. These digital snapshots were transformed into tangible cyanotype prints, a process that breathed life into the images under the gentle caress of sunlight, courtesy of a photosensitive emulsion.