Spring 2024

Mellem rum

Our architecture department has hosted a guest lecturer and, in this context, worked on transitions. The assignment invited a critical look at the reduction and dissolution of the interior of the home, its spatialities, and, not least, transitions over the past decades. As a counter-reaction to this, the students have explored and experimented with the everyday connections between the home’s worlds.

Each student was assigned two arbitrary spatial functions with different openings. Subsequently, they were asked to draw a floor plan that connects these openings—a transition space between two imaginary rooms. They had to consider what their transition contains, whether it has specific functions, and what qualities it offers to the adjoining rooms. As sketched and drawn, their final plan was then translated into a physical model at a scale of 1:10, built in corrugated cardboard. Students were only allowed to use cardboard, glue, and white markers for the model.